The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for the Teenage Bookworm


As November winds to a close and everyone starts gearing up for the holiday season, you may be left wondering what to buy for some of the more difficult people on your gift-giving list this year.  What exactly do you get for a teenage bookworm/author besides books? This is where I come in: a self-proclaimed teenage bookworm and author, I’ll show you the best gifts for any budding author in your life!




Okay, this may seem like an obvious one, but we love books! In fact, I don’t think I could ever live without books. However, there is a catch here. I’ve been gifted a lot of books in my lifetime, and most of them were just books someone yanked off their bookshelf and thrust at me during middle school Secret Santa exchanges. Now I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but just giving someone a random book isn’t really a thoughtful gift. Instead, consider their favorite genres and books and go from there. Or perhaps, you know this person loves Jane Austen. Instead of just buying them another copy of Pride and Prejudice, consider getting a collectible version of their favorite Austen novel. I know that I love collectible versions of my favorite books because they are a perfect way to show off my literary tastes on my bookshelf and often function as an intermediary between literature and visual art.

Look how pretty these are, for example:

Jane Austen: Seven Novels at Barnes and Noble

Jane Austen: The Complete Works at Target


If you’re shopping for a writer, why not get them a book about the craft?


Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

This book is on my Christmas list this year!


On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King




Another obvious one, but I know that I always appreciate receiving journals and notebooks as gifts. I go through A LOT of notebooks in a year and am always looking for more. Whether we use them as diaries or as a place to keep track of ideas, authors go through notebooks like crazy, so this is a perfect small gift if you’re not looking to spend too much money. Notebooks also make us authors more inclined to write by hand, which I find makes the juices flow better than using my laptop. When looking for a journal, don’t just pick one of the spiral bound, college ruled ones you’d find in the school supplies section at Target. A lot of writers bring their notebooks everywhere so make sure you find a journal that is sturdy. I also love notebooks with pretty patterns and quotes because they serve as inspiration when writing and just something nice to look at!

For the traditionalist:

Spiral Notebook Secret Garden at Amazon

This notebook comes with a hardcover with a pretty floral print and you even have the option to add some matching pens to your order!

For the modernist:

Rocketpad Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook at Amazon

This notebook is erasable with special pens and using your phone, you can send your notes straight to Google Drive.




Who doesn’t want to wear their favorite books on their sleeves? Clothing is a perfect way to share your bookworm pride or make subtle allusions to your favorite authors. For an even subtler approach, try literary jewelry or socks!

These two websites carry fantastic literary apparel. I definitely want that Frankenstein shirt!

If you prefer accessories, make sure to check out Etsy as well. There are a lot of amazing homemade products repping your favorite authors!

Some of my favorites:

Oscar Wilde Earrings from Literary Emporium

I love these earrings and this Oscar Wilde quote! These are the perfect way to be constantly reminded of your favorite author all day!

Gothic Literature Enamel Pins from Literary Emporium

These pins are super cute and a great way to subtly show your love for literature. If you hadn’t noticed, I love this Etsy shop- cute accessories and clothes with a feminist, literary message!



Most of us authors love tea, so why not combine tea with another one of our favorite things: books? I’ve been eyeing these literary teas for a while and might just have to try one soon. These two Etsy shops have every book-loving tea drinker covered, whether you’re a Fitzgerald fan or a lover of Victor Hugo.

First Edition Tea Company

Literary Tea Company

The Literary Tea Company even gives you the option of creating a gift box.  Why not pair together Fitzgerald, Eliot, and Joyce for a modernism themed box or Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Mary Shelley for your favorite feminist bookworm?

If you’re gifting that special someone, some tea, why not round the gift out with a mug and a tea infuser as well?

To Tea or Not to Tea Infuser

Know someone who loves both Shakespeare and tea? This infuser is perfect for them!

Shakespeare Mug from The Literary Gift Company

Banned Books Mug from Out of Print

This mug is heat reactive, so as the cup heats up, the titles on the mug get crossed out. How cool is that?


Writing Tools


These writing tools are sure to help your favorite author get over writer’s block any day!

The Writer’s Toolbox

Writer Emergency Pack

The Storymatic


Now that we’ve helped you, go forth and shop for the perfect holiday gift! Your teenage bookworm is sure to love it!




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